You can do this, we’ll be with you all the way

Our qualified health coaches will help you learn from the experience of others who have made the lifesaving change to plant-based eating


Five pillars of support

You dictate how fast and how far you can change. We will to support you every step of the way. Here’s how…


Knowledge is power

If you forget why you’re doing this, you probably won’t stick with it. That’s why, you’ll get access to wide range of videos, podcasts, articles and other resources carefully selected to inspire and help you along the way.

Learn about how to manage high blood pressure in short, engaging videos. We put the facts at your finger tips so you can start taking practical steps to lower your blood pressure from day one on the program.


Success breeds success

It’s hard to stick with anything new unless we see the results. That’s why, our app allows you to quickly and easily record your progress and share it securely with your coach.

The Process


Do a few quick home tests each week


Watch your progress and discuss with your coach


Form lifelong habits and celebrate your success

If they tell you to eat more meat to be strong, don’t buy it.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger


You’re not alone

Change gets lonely. It’s easy to lose focus or motivation. That's why you get a personal health coach dedicated to helping you succeed.

How it Works

  • 30-minute coaching call each week (optional)
  • Book your slot(s) in just seconds at any time
  • Stick with one coach or work with a team
  • Send or receive texts securely between sessions

Why it Works

  • Our coaches are qualified nurses and dieticians
  • You’re in charge – we’re just here to help
  • There’s no judgement, just help and guidance
  • It’s all grounded in data and the latest evidence
  • We keep your existing doctor up to speed


Easy does it!

Unless a new way of eating is affordable, convenient and tasty it won’t last. That's why, you get healthy but delicious pre-prepared meals from the best national suppliers at our specially discounted rates.

The Process


Receive your Brightplate discount code


Get discounted meals delivered to your door


Heat up the healthy, plant-based meals in minutes


Continue to save for as long as you are a member

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

— Aristotle